In Frankenslot’s Monster it is a translation of the famous novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Betsoft has honoured the title with an excellent machine. Here you are invited to Frankenslots experimental laboratory to support Frankenslot in his creepy experiment.

The slot machine scores with excellent 3D graphics, which immediately captivates the player and only gradually lets him go again after a few hours. Apart from the impressive presentation, the bonuses and winnings are especially fabulous and make this video slot machine stand out from the crowd. If you’re a little afraid, I can also assure you that Frankenslots Monster makes a very nice impression and you can try this slot without hesitation. So let’s discuss in detail what we think of Frankenslot’s Monster.

Technical features

Dr. Frankenslots Laboratory is a steep template for any developer to create an exciting atmosphere on the screen. This is exactly what Betsoft has achieved with Frankenslot’s Monster. The slot machine is embedded in a background which also contains Frankenslot and the monster. Both are beautifully staged as 3D figures and gesticulate according to the course of the game. So the monster claps its hands and Frankenslot makes a leap when a win is made. Don’t miss it and take a look at Frankenslots laboratory.

But also the machine itself is visually far above the machine standard. The symbols are designed in the proper style, finely animated and fit wonderfully into the setting of this slot machine. The effects of winnings in the form of displayed paylines and symbols emerging from the slot machine contribute to the overall presentation of Frankenslot’s Monster. The visual blessing is rounded off by the matching soundtrack that you absolutely must listen in to.

But please don’t be afraid of the monstrous presentation of this machine, because we have reassuring news for you: Deep inside, this slot machine is very tame and ordinary. We are dealing with 20 payout lines and coin values from €0.02 to €1. You can bet 5 coins per line, which means we can bet between €0.20 and €100. A nice range that suits both beginners and advanced players, as well as experts in our opinion.

bonuses and winnings

BetSoft is always at a high level when it comes to bonuses and extras. In addition to your normal winnings, free spins, wild symbols and the bonus game will give you even more chances to polish up your account.

What symbol, which must appear three times at the same time on the reels, are players from all over the world waiting for, in order to be allowed to play some rounds for free? Well? Well…? Yes, exactly, the Scatter. As soon as three scatters appear on the reels, you will be rewarded with 8 free spins worth the original stake. But now comes the surprise: There are between one and three Wild symbols on the reels so that your winnings are sure to take on monstrous values. Frankenslot’s Monster really pulls out all the stops!

A scatter symbol rarely comes alone, and so Betsoft has equipped this slot machine with another form of scatter. Let’s open the curtain for the bonus game! If three bonus symbols appear at the same time, the bonus game will start. And this is the true face of Dr. Frankenslot. It is now your choice to make the settings of the electric torture device on behalf of Frankenslot and to treat the monster correctly. The better you act as a perfidious scientist, the bigger your winnings will be. If you really shock Frankenslots Monster, you can win your bet up to 25 times. In other words: In the bonus game you can win up to €2,500!