You a fan of Marvel Comics? You love Iron Man, Captain America and the Fantastic Four? Then you’ll be enthusiastic about Playtech’s slot machines! Because here you get the best comic food served in the form of slot machines. And the best part? Playtech’s slot machines come not only with great gameplay and gripping stories, but also with progressive jackpots!

In this slot machine test, we’ll look at the fantastic four, the Fantastic Four. Fasten your seat belts when we show the bad guys the way with Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Invisible Woman and The Thing! We can already tell you that comic book fans will love this slot machine, but is it worth playing for the other gamblers? You’ll find this out in our extensive Fantastic Four Slot Machine Test!

Technical Features

What could be more fitting than fantastic graphics for the fantastic four? Unfortunately, Playtech only delivers standard graphics and presentations. Not really bad, but not good either. Unfortunately, Playtech failed to include animations and advanced effects in Fantastic Four. But if you prefer to concentrate on the slot machine and want as little distraction as possible, it won’t bother you.

The game mechanics in Fantastic Four are a well-tried one. Poker symbols from 9 to A can be found on five reels, each with three symbols. When the reels spin and the pretty profiles of the heroes float across the screen, slot machine lovers are in your element. But you’ll have to pay a stake for that as usual. Playtech hasn’t stained here and allows players to spend up to €400 on a single spin. Of course, this also maximizes the chance of winning the jackpot. And let’s face it, that’s exactly why we’re here!

Passionate superheroes must stay at home at Playtech’s Fantastic Four. If the secret service gets wind of the fact that the fantastic four are in your living room, you can expect a spectacular Ramba Zamba. But seriously, unfortunately there’s no support for smartphones, so you’re tied to a laptop or Mac if you want to play this slot!

bonuses and winnings

Can Playtech iron out this lapse? This will be up to the bonuses and winnings department to decide. Our bonuses and winnings experts have therefore taken the fantastic four apart thoroughly in order to get some in-depth insights.

It shouldn’t hurt that the fantastic four are made up of four different superheroes. But what does that have to do with the bonuses? Here we get a different bonus feature for each superhero. If you’re familiar with the Fantastic Four anyway, you’ll have an idea of the features it could be.

To find out what these four superheroes have to offer, we’ll first have to make it into a free game. Free spins come to you as usual through scatter symbols that have crept into Fantastic Four as earth symbols. Earth symbol like the symbol that represents our Earth, the planet. If we collect enough earth, we get the chance to save the world in Free Play Mode and plug the hole in our wallet! Thank you Playtech for your commitment to saving our planet!

Switch the game to Free Spins mode, don’t expect 10, not 11, but 12 Free Spins! Wow, we are impressed! What makes the whole party even better are the four superheroes who assist us in winning the jackpot. The superheroes turn out to be expanding wilds that also bring more free spins, sticky reels and more. So be prepared to play the fantastic Four for fantastic winnings.

And we almost forgot! The dear Jackpot. The most important thing when playing Fantastic Four is to keep an eye on the bonus game because it can appear after every win. But be tactically clever, because the higher the stakes you play, the more likely you are to be invited to the bonus game. In the bonus game itself, you are guaranteed a win! With a bit of luck it will even be the Ultimate Power Jackpot, which can be in the 6-digit range!