The specialists from NextGen Gaming have released a new game. It is named Egyptian Rise and plays, as the name suggests, in ancient Egypt. In a world dominated by idiosyncratic gods and huge pyramids, it’s your job to make the most of your bets and perhaps fool one or two Egyptians. Now you can find out if the game is suitable and if Egyptian Rise will welcome you as a English as well!

Ancient Egypt is one of the most exciting historical nations. Did you know that the Egyptian name “Kemet” refers to the black mud that remains after the annual Nile sponges? The Egyptians were dependent on it because this mud provided fertile lands and food supplies. We are therefore very happy that NextGen Gaming has designed a video slot machine with the old Egyptian as its theme, because as you can see, ancient Egypt is full of interesting facts.

Technical features

So to go into the technical features of the video slot, we would like to point out that Egyptian Rise has 5 reels, each with three symbols. Apparently this is the usual and proven layout that we know and love. But instead of the 15 or 20 paylines, Egyptian Rise contains 243 ways to win. That’s enough to really have a chance of winning in almost every round!

As usual from NextGen Gaming, Egyption Rise is a graphically excellent game. The symbols are all engraved black and glow in a way you would expect from a game with Egyptian background. So the artistic performance is really outstanding and totally convincing. The game also looks great on the smartphone, by the way. You will hardly be able to decide on which device you want to play, because the graphics of the game are always equally good!

Allerhand religious characters that shimmer in red and blue, cats with impressive necklaces, black-red-yellow-green birds and of course pretty portraits of Egyptians find space as symbols in the online casino. Egyptian Rise is just for fans of ancient Egypt a show.

Boni and winnings

Now but the most important part of a slot machine, the bonuses and winnings. NextGen Gaming wouldn’t be NextGen Gaming if there weren’t many ways to win in Egyptian Rise!

As already mentioned, the game offers 243 ways to win. This means that the winnings come steadily, but are not as high as in some other games. The highest win is achieved by the image of the Pharaoh and is 400 times the coin value. This is 2 Euros, which is a maximum bet.

If we say that the best symbol pays 400 times the coin value, then we are talking about the best regular symbol. The Wild symbol, which replaces all other symbols, is even worth 800 times the coin value. Of course only on condition that 5 wild symbols appear in a combination.

But the star of the game is On A Roll! When the wheels are rolling, there is a Respin. This is always triggered when a win appears. There is also a Scarab Wild, which increases the winnings even more! With every additional win there is an additional Respin, which increases the winnings even more.

The game counts higher and higher and after the fourth Respin in a row there is the Pharaoh feature to marvel at! Free spins and five more Scarab Wilds appear on the reels if you win 4 Respins. Believe us, we made it several times very close to it and only played a few rounds in total.

All in all these extras are wonderfully implemented and appear very often. So Egyptian Rise lives from variety and long lasting fun!