Here finally comes a slot machine that has bite! Because the famous casino game manufacturer Microgaming has acquired the production rights from Universal Pictures for the development of this i-slot, which is a tribute to the famous movie Jurassic Park, which came to cinemas in 1993 and had numerous successors. With the Jurassic Park™ i-Slot, the casino game manufacturer Microgaming once again proves its talent. But is that enough for you to bet your money on this slot? That’s questionable.

A Jurassic Park with a lack of attractions

When we learned that a Jurassic Park™ slot machine was about to be launched, we were delighted. Because in our editorship team there are many fans these unique cinema films of the ingenious director Steven Spielberg. And although his films have inspired us already at a young age and have gone through numerous nights, this slot has made us again a cold shiver over the back run … but not for the same reasons! Because although Microgaming often brings games with outdated and tasteless graphics onto the market, we thought that the manufacturer would make a little more effort with this game. But wrong thought! Because even if the manufacturer has made some improvements in the sound and graphic animations, Jurassic Park™ does not really differ in this respect from the other slot machines of this manufacturer. That’s really a pity! On the reels you will find numerous characters who took part in the first season of Jurassic Park™, as well as various types of dinosaurs.

Furthermore, Microgaming cannot use the Jurassic Park™ slot to attract players. Because a maximum jackpot of only 1,500€ doesn’t exactly make you want to deal with the dangerous dinosaurs with their pointed teeth! Moreover, this i-Slot is not really attractive for High Rollers: the betting limits range from 0,30€ to 15€! Only the 243 winning combinations can save this slot.

These dinosaurs don’t want anything bad!

Luckily you can count on the dinosaurs to make the slot more exciting! The ancestors of the birds allow you to increase your chances of winning thanks to numerous bonuses! With the Tyrannosaurus symbol you can collect up to 12 free spins during the game. With the free spins and multiplier symbols of the Velociraptor you can increase your winnings tenfold! You can also count on the Triceratops to clear this slot, as the Wild symbol in the form of the logo is automatically added to one of the reels in the game. With Brachiosaurus you can multiply your winnings by 6. And finally, with the Dilophosaurus icon, you can turn random icons into wild bonuses and benefit from numerous free spins at the same time. Even if this slot machine is not very attractive from a visual point of view, the dinosaurs still manage to upgrade the slot a bit.