Ace Ventura as an online slot – for fans of the movie a revelation. Finally, the master of weird comedy, Jim Carrey, appears in one of his flashy parade roles in the online casino. Playtech has brought the online slot to the casinos that puts the animal-talented private detective in the spotlight.

Our opinion of the Ace Ventura Slot

Ace Ventura is a 1994 feature film starring Jim Carrey. He plays the private detective Ace Ventura, who is mainly concerned with the search for missing animals. And he has a great talent: the animals seem to be flying at the strange bird. It is a film for which many hated Jim Carrey, many idolized him. The stupid comedy of the US American actor is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And so the film wasn’t a resounding success in the cinemas either. After all, Jim Carrey won the Kid’s Choice Award for his role as Ace Ventura. Whether loved or hated: The film Ace Venture has given us some film quotes that even people who haven’t seen the film might know: “Alrighty then”, for example or “LOOO-HOOO-ZUH-HER!”.

The online slot of Playtech also quotes a lot from the film and becomes a real highlight for fans. Playtech has packed the rolls into a colourful background that is in no way inferior to the colourful Hawaiian shirts of the animal detective. The game has 5 reels and 243 chances to win and does without (almost) any funny moment from the movie.

Graphics and symbols

On the reels the players meet Ace Ventura several times:

Once he has his card in his hand on which “Ace Ventura Wild” is written. So the wild symbol.

Furthermore, his golden detective brand appears on the rollers where his face can be seen.

Then there is Ace Ventura with a monkey, Ace Ventura in a white jeep and Ace Ventura with vegetables in his mouth.

The classic symbols are comic-style and fit perfectly to the shrill look of the slot.

h3>Functions in the basic game

While the main focus of many online slots is on the bonus game, the Ace Ventura online slot is already the basic game varied. Three “in-reel” functions can be triggered randomly at any time. So you never know when Ace Ventura will personally appear in front of the reels and call his animal friends.

That’s what he does with the “Jungle Friends” feature, for example. Ace calls his friends and they don’t torch for long and accidentally turn symbols into wild symbols when they land.

Then there’s the “Sneaky Walk” feature, where Ace Ventura sneaks across the screen with a white jacket in front of the reels and can turn entire reels into wild symbols.

The third feature in the bundle is the “loser” feature, where Ace triggers a re-spin with a double multiplier. So if the player doesn’t win after one spin, he gets a second chance with a one to three times multiplier. This goes on until one spin wins again.

Free Spins and Animal Modifiers

As with many slots, free spins are the main attraction of Ace Ventura. They are triggered when the unicorn appears on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time. The player then receives seven free spins and Animal Modifiers. These modifiers are collected in the basic game and enhance the free spins by various functions. The Animal Modifiers can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen.

If you collect such a modifier, a small amount of money will be credited to your account. Modifiers, which are provided with keys, can be combined in the free play mode to three modifiers.

The individual modifiers in the overview:

Red Shark: The shark rewards the player with a random number extra free plays. For example, if you get 15 free spins, you can use the Red Shark Modifier to quickly turn them into 22.

Pink Elephant: In this case, the pink elephant does not testify to the ingestion of drugs, but helps the player to 1,024 winning chances (another row with symbols).

Green Gorilla: It improves symbols in free spins. When the modifier appears in Free Spins mode, normal symbols become top pay symbols.

Yellow Bat: Wild symbols are randomly distributed on the reels after each spin.

Orange Pigeon: Each wild symbol that appears on the middle reel (3) receives a random pay multiplier. Up to 10 times is possible.

Blue Dolphin: The best of the modifiers rewards the player with a secret win multiplier at the beginning of the free spins. The multiplier will be applied to all winnings made during free spins.

Ace Ventura Conclusion

The new Ace Ventura Online Slot is an absolute highlight not only for fans of the movie. With this slot Playtech has found a very entertaining game, which not only animal lovers can win something from. The features during the basic functions, but also the first-class modifiers during the free spins guarantee that there will be no boredom. As the “LOOO-HOOO-ZUH-HER! (“Loser”) nobody will emerge from this game.

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